Vanhorn's hometown feel sets our team apart from other agents and design firms. We are a female-owned and operated small business committed to helping families find and create their perfect homes. We take pride in our ability as creators and agents specializing in real estate projects that range from selling homes, designing living spaces, or maximizing ROI for any property you may need help with! Whether selling your home or creating an all-new space for yourself, our agents and creators will work tirelessly to ensure that every detail is accounted for so nothing falls short. Working hand in hand on this journey with strangers who become good friends is our favorite part of the process.

My husband and I lived in our first home together when I had an idea to create the perfect space for our family and renovate that property. I started small, but soon friends wanted help with projects, so it became easier each time someone asked if they could borrow a tile sample or help with a paint color. Frustrated with selling that flip, I decided to get my real estate license. I hung my license with Century 21 Results in 2014, hit the ground running, and received Rookie of the Year. After selling my first flip, I realized that many people want to renovate but can't because they're too busy with their day jobs and discouraged from searching for reliable contractors. So rather than just sitting around waiting and being frustrated (as well as having clients asking for help), I decided the best thing would be to run the projects, source the goods, and choose THE PRETTY THINGS, which led me down the path where I am today. Nowadays, you'll find me designing spaces that offer more than everyday use. Our projects are thoughtfully created around personalities and investment. We give people a comfortable freedom to be themselves and enjoy the simple, everyday moments we cherish. Vanhorn is more than just a design company; it's an experience. We want you to create your memories and live life in the way that makes sense for who we are as individuals - because, at Vanhorn, there’s no one size fits all approach.